Parshat Hashavua

Parshah Vayeitzei: What Makes a Place Holy?

Shabbat Shalom! The title of this week’s parshah, Vayeitzei, is conventionally translated as ‘he went out’. Genesis 28: 10-22, at first glance is about our forefather Jacob who is a traveler consumed by all of the emotions associated with leaving his childhood home and encountering the unfamiliar home of his uncle Laban. As the parshah goes, Jacob falls asleep and encounters the divine in his dream. Jacob marks this place with a memorial and Beth El is forever recognized as a holy place.

How do we mark holy places? Shalom Home is a holy place. Not because it has mezzuzot on all door posts and gates or separate kitchens and observes Jewish dietary laws. What makes Shalom Home holy is the work that we do and the people who will honor us by allowing us to care for them.

Shabbat shalom and as we approach Giving Tuesday we thank all who support Shalom Home!