Parshat Hashavua

Parshah Beshalach: Shabbat Shira

This Shabbat is referred to as Shabbat Shira, the Shabbat of Song. It is in this week’s parshah, Beshalach, the Israelites receive the miracle of the splitting of Yam Suph, the Sea of Reeds. In reaction to being saved by this miracle, the Israelites rejoice by singing Shirat HaYam – the song of the Sea. When I think of the splitting of the sea and this very powerful miracle, Debbie Friedman comes to mind. Specifically her song, Miriam’s Song, that includes the verse where Debbie sings of Miriam, “She sang with praise and might, we’ve just lived through a miracle, we’re going to dance tonight”. Shira and I feel so blessed to have had our own miracles this past year and we are so appreciative for the little miracles we encounter every day. Embarking on opening an assisted living home has not been easy. Neither is having a baby. Both are life-changing and truly the miracle that keeps on inspiring us. Song is so fitting a reaction to a miracle. It helps us to express our gratitude and our jubilation. Song is an integral part in our lives and will also play an important role at Shalom Home. Music heals, music allows us to express ourselves, it motivates movement, dancing, and joy. Even though we may not have “splitting of the sea” large-scale miracles in our lives that are impossible to miss, that does not mean that miracles are not present. We look forward to the Shalom Home being able to provide comfort, happiness, and song to our future mishpacha. Come join us tomorrow for Shabbat Cholent Study so that we can discuss the importance of music and how music impacts our lives. May all of our lives be full of song.


Shabbat Shalom!