About Us


Shira and Jesse Charyn, Founders

We both grew up volunteering in assisted living homes and senior community centers, and understand the importance of providing an engaging and supportive environment for members in our community who are unable to live on their own. Our decision to pursue the Shalom Home and make it a reality is steeped in Jewish values. We were brought up in families that emphasized Jewish education and part of that education was identifying and meeting the needs of those in our community.

Beyond our personal experiences, Jesse is part of a spiritual care team working in a continuous care retirement community and Shira has a master’s degree in public health with a background in health care administration. We have also become certified caregivers as part of our commitment to providing a safe and enriching Jewish environment for our future Shalom Home mishpacha.

– Shira and Jesse

Michael Snyder, ALFM, Assisted Living Home Manager

Michael brings his passion and vision to the Shalom Home and we feel extremely blessed to have his direction and expertise in setting up Arizona’s first Jewish Assisted Living Home. Michael has ten plus years of experience in establishing new Assisted Living Facilities throughout Arizona with over 50 start-ups to his credit. He has been a licensed facility manager for six years. Michael is a graduate of Purdue University with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also has a degree in Health Services Management from Gateway Community College.

The Shalom Home Mission

When it dawned upon us to start the Shalom Home, we knew we wanted to make it a resource for the greater Jewish community. At the Shalom Home we won’t have residents, we will have mishpacha – this phrase encompasses why we are creating this home. All too often we have had the experience of walking into assisted living homes or facilities and while they look beautiful they are missing that haimish quality that lets you know you’re where you belong. At the Shalom Home we are intentionally establishing an environment to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Learning is a lifelong pursuit and therefore we will have a robust weekly activity schedule. This activity schedule will include daily exercise, gardening, learning sessions, weekly shabbat services, and a daily news roundup. Moreover, we believe in nurturing the body with local wholesome food and meeting social needs with intergenerational activities, pet and music therapy. What truly separates us from other homes is our dedication to cultivating a spiritual and personal relationship with Jewish life, in doing so we are confident we can enhance the lives of those who privilege us with their trust to take care of them in their golden years.